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Oscillator Specifications
Output frequency: MHz   V DC   ± %
Supply current:  mA max. Stability at 25° C: ppm  Aging:    ppm/year max.
Output type:
  Fan-out loads   Frequency Stability at  the Operating Temperature in PPM
Sinewave Ohms impedance    
Operating temperature from: °C   to °C    
Phase noise  (Lf@)1Hz: - dBc/Hz    
Max. dimensions: Height: " Length: " Width: "
Vibration:  Shock: G
Oven supply voltage: V Max. warm up time: minutes
Max. turn on consumption: W Max. consumption on: ° C W
VCXO / Wide Band VCXO
Absolute pull range: ± min. ± max.
Deviation sensitivity (slope):     ppm/V Bandwidth: kHz
Control voltage range:     V  to
Nominal voltage: V
Linearity (min.):    % Audio input impedance: Ohms
Audio frequency response: ± % max.  from  Hz    to   kHz
Audio reference frequency:   Hz Audio input impedance: Ohms
Temperature stability: ± ppm over °C  to ° C
Aging adjustment:
Adjustment range: ± ppm min.
Other Requirements
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