Welcome to KS Electronics

KS Electronics established in February of 1989, to meet the specialized needs of companies engaged in two way RF Communications, by providing them over 51 years of experience at all levels in designing and manufacturing of Crystal filters, L/C filters, TCXO,VCXO,VC-TCXO and VCO's and DCXO. Organized for CUSTOM WORK, we offer attention to minute details and customers specifications at all levels of their requirements.

KS Electronics are the providers of Digitally Controlled Crystal Oscillators, Oven Controlled crystal oscillators, Wide band VCXO up to 1 GHz, 10.7 MHz /21.4 MHz/45 MHz and 70 MHz- 2 pole monolithic crystal etc. in different parts of world.

KS Electronics has latest available test equipment from leading manufacturer (calibrated to MIL-C-45662) to do customized testing of all the required specifications. All our personnel (combined experience of over 60 years in the quartz crystal field) are thoroughly.